BNS & Bristol Live: Changes to Fire Door Regulations

BNS features on Bristol Live calling on homeowners to ensure their fire door surveys are up to date ahead of legislation changes coming into force in January 2023.

BNS and our associated health and safety company Priority 1 are working to inform people of the upcoming regulation changes, and how they might affect homeowners.

“Homeowners living in multi-occupied residential buildings are being encouraged to check that their fire door surveys are up to date ahead of new legislation coming into force in January 2023.

“Bristol-based property services company BNS has issued the call to action in order to raise awareness for the upcoming change in law, so that freehold or leasehold homeowners can take action and arrange an inspection in good time.

“The change in legislation focuses on the frequency with which fire doors in apartment blocks must be inspected and includes doors within common areas and domestic areas. The changes will state that common area fire doors within high and medium-rise blocks of flats will require inspecting every three months, while all doors to residential areas must be inspected annually.

“While these changes are being implemented, it remains the case that any fire door within any building must be inspected when a fire risk assessment takes place. These amended safety measures are part of the government’s introduction of new regulations under article 24 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO).

“The new regulations are a direct result of the recommendations made to the government in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report which made clear that a change in the law was required.”

To find out how BNS can assist you through these legislation changes, get in touch.