Legislation & Compliance

Legislation & Compliance

As Legislation, Compliance and Health & Safety become more and more prevalent, the inevitability of the Residential Property Management industry becoming formally regulated is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Directors and owners within Residential Management and Right to Manage Companies are highly accountable and responsible for their actions, decision making, and ensuring their development and Company meet their statutory and legal obligations.

Peace of mind

Having a reliable and suitably qualified agent proactively looking after one of your major assets, whilst taking the responsibility and burden away of self-managing your development from your day-to-day life offers comfort, a level of insurance, and peace of mind. This in turn enables you to focus on more satisfying aspects of your daily routine. 

Removing the burden of being solely tasked with ensuring you are complying to the industry’s requirements is an option that more and more owners are moving towards by appointing ARMA-Q accredited Managing Agents to take care of this aspect for them.

With there being fewer local independent Managing Agents left in the Bristol area, the need for Management Companies having a local agent who can be tasked with confidence to handle this necessary element of day to day life is becoming more of a necessity.

The cost-to-risk ratio is something that every property owner should be seriously considering removing the stress and unnecessary burden that self-managing your property brings.

Failure to adhere could result in Management Companies and schemes unable to recover service charge sufficiently or be hamstrung in the actions that it wishes to undertake.

BNS are the security and insurance blanket for our clients to ensure that administration and activities surrounding the management of property and Management Companies is both compliant and legal removing the risk and workload to our clients.