A Day in the Life of BNS Maintenance & Electrical Teams

BNS offers 24 hour property maintenance support and emergency service as standard, at no additional cost. This keeps our maintenance & electrical teams busy throughout the day. Here’s an insight into their daily routine…

All of the maintenance and electrical team arrive at site at 8am to carry out their first jobs of the day. This will normally be an appointment with a resident, so we catch them before they go to work. Keys will be collected the day before or on the morning of the appointments.

Once the job is complete, we update our online portal – MyBNS – with descriptions and photos with the job report. Every site that we attend to will also have a site audit undertaken which is then sent to the BNS team.

Following this, the guys will move on to the next scheduled job. If parts or materials are required, these will be collected either before the day or on route to the job.

The BNS maintenance and electrical teams are in constant communication with the office to react to changing developments. This ensures we are as agile in our client communication as possible.

Normally an emergency call out/job will happen during the day which will require immediate attention. This will be attended at the earliest time possible and the issues will be resolved. If this cannot be resolved then a quote will be put together, parts ordered and a full report provided to the BNS team.

Should the assigned jobs be completed early before the end of day, a message will be sent to the team supervisor who will assign further works.

At the end of the day jobs for the following day will be checked in order for planning and material collection to be arranged.


24/7 Support

During the evening there will be ad hoc out-of-hours call outs that BNS attends to and we will do what is required, reporting back so the team have an update on arrival at the office the following morning.

There are occasions where the team will liaise and work alongside sub-contractors in order to achieve the best results for the clients.

If you would like further information on our maintenance & electrical service, or any of our other services, please feel free to get in touch.