Unicornfest Farewell Festival Tickets Now On Sale: Join BNS in Celebrating Bristol’s Unicorn Trail

The summer of Unicornfest is almost over, but there’s still time to see the unicorns out in the wild. The unicorn sculptures will remain dotted all around Bristol and the surrounding areas until 4th September, after which time they will be herded up in preparation for the Unicornfest Farewell Festival.

Farewell Festival Details

As a grand finale to Unicornfest, the Farewell Festival takes place on 23rd and 24th September at Propyard in Bristol. Get your tickets here.

This festival offers the unique opportunity for visitors to witness a “blessing” of all 60 unicorn sculptures in one place. It’s a chance to admire the creativity that these artworks embody, while also contributing to a worthy cause.

Tickets for the Farewell Festival are now on sale and are selling quickly. If you want to be a part of this unforgettable event, be sure to grab your tickets before they’re gone.

BNS is thrilled to be a sponsor of Unicornfest, the extraordinary sculpture trail that has brought a little magic to Bristol over the summer. The unicorn that we sponsored, Neuro-Disco-Corn, was created by the talented artist Kazz Hollick and sits pride of place on the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

This unique creation celebrates neurodiversity and contributes to the larger Unicornfest cause of raising awareness and funds for Leukaemia Care. BNS takes great pride in being a part of this meaningful event, and as Unicornfest draws to a close, we invite you to join us in celebrating its farewell.

Unicornfest has been a remarkable journey, uniting creativity and compassion. Our sponsorship of Neuro-Disco-Corn is a reflection of our commitment to supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on society. Neuro-Disco-Corn’s representation of neurodiversity aligns with the values of inclusivity and acceptance that BNS and Unicornfest stand for.

Although Unicornfest is coming to an end, there’s still time to experience the magic. The unicorn sculptures will remain in their current locations until September 4th, giving you the opportunity to encounter these creatures in their natural settings. Plus, you’ve still got time to take advantage of a special offer from BNS – capturing Neuro-Disco-Corn on the Unicornfest app unlocks exclusive BNS discounts!

Unicornfest Charity Auction

Following the Farewell Festival, the journey continues with the charity auction on 5th October. During this event, all 60 unicorn sculptures will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going towards Leukaemia Care. This contributes to the ongoing efforts by this fantastic charity to make a difference in the lives of those affected by Leukaemia and other blood cancers.

As Unicornfest approaches its farewell, BNS extends an invitation to all to be a part of this incredible journey. Join us at the Farewell Festival to celebrate Unicornfest – the wonderful event that has captured Bristol’s heart this summer. All while contributing to raising money and awareness for Leukaemia Care.

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