The Comprehensive Advantage of BNS Block and Estate Management

At BNS we are proud to provide expert, comprehensive block and estate management services.  We stand out in the property services industry for our approach which is supported by a variety of in-house departments working side-by-side. 

The integration of these departments, which might otherwise be outsourced, ensures that BNS clients receive the best service possible. 

Cost Efficiency through Integration

One of the standout benefits of our company structure is cost efficiency.  

Subcontracting work can sometimes come with extra costs and a potential lack of control. By keeping multiple departments under one roof, we reduce the need for outsourcing. 

The following BNS teams all work closely with our Property Management department: 

  • Maintenance 
  • Health & Safety 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Accounts 
  • Compliance 
  • IT 

This allows us to streamline our services, speed up communications, reduce costs and pass on these savings to BNS customers. 

Time-Saving Operations

This integrated approach allows us to save time, making things as efficient as possible. Where Property Managers may traditionally be in touch with multiple exterior contractors, at BNS they are working together on a daily basis. 

The time saved allows our Property Managers to focus on delivering a responsive and personalised service to each client. 

For example, the BNS Maintenance department promptly addresses both proactive and reactive maintenance needs, while our Health and Safety team is on hand to ensure health and safety guidance and regulations are always followed within our developments. 

BNS Property Managers and all other BNS departments work in unison utilising our online portal, MyBNS, which is also available to all BNS homeowners.  

Matters regarding our clients’ properties are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible thanks to our company structure. 

All-Encompassing Services for Comprehensive Property Management

BNS customers benefit from a holistic approach to property management, thanks to the in-house expertise of each of our teams. 

We cover all the bases, from service charge accounting to maintenance to compliance. This ensures that every development under BNS management is handled with attention to detail from dedicated experts in each department.  

Our service model ensures all BNS clients can trust us to manage their developments effectively and efficiently. 

Experience the BNS Difference

BNS is an independent property services company providing expert block and estate management to developments of all sizes.  

By offering cost-effective, time-saving, and broad in-house services, we provide our clients with peace of mind and exceptional value.  

Get in touch today to learn how our collaborative, comprehensive approach to property management can benefit you. 

Better never stops.
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