Preparing your Property for Autumn & Winter

We've put together a checklist to ensure your property is prepared for autumn and winter. Keep ahead of the weather with these top tips...

Autumn is fast approaching, so we’ve put together a checklist to help you prepare for the cooler months. Keeping ahead of the weather with these property maintenance tips will ensure your development is well cared for all year round and may help avoid issues through autumn and winter. 

It’s all about preparation. Taking care of these things early on may be much easier to achieve in the warmer, drier months. Some of these jobs are fairly simple to achieve, but may pay off in the long-run by working to prevent potential damage caused by the elements as days get cooler, darker and much more rainy. 

Appointing BNS as your property management company will alleviate the burden of maintaining the communal areas of your development. BNS can assist you with all of these projects, and many more besides. 

If you would like to find out how BNS can ensure your block is expertly maintained all year round, please get in touch.


How to Prepare Your Property for Autumn and Winter 


Clear gutters 

A relatively simple task like having your gutters cleared can save hassle, time and money in the future. Gutters often get blocked with debris, meaning they are unable to divert water into the drains efficiently. This can lead to water damage, which is easily avoidable with the correct maintenance.  

Inspect your roof 

Keep an eye on your roof, where possible. BNS can assist with hard to reach or view areas. If there is damage to your roof it may become more apparent when it starts to rain. Catching this early on could avoid water damage further down the line. Damage to your roof can also work against insulation in cold weather by allowing the heat to escape. 

Pipe insulation 

Ensure your water pipes are properly insulated. This will minimise the risk of them freezing when temperatures dip below zero. Frozen pipes are at best an inconvenience, and at worst a flood risk if they freeze and expand too much. 

Eliminate draughts 

As well as damage to your roof, defects to windows and doors can be detrimental to your property’s insulation. Heat can escape through the smallest cracks, creating draughts, cooling the property and increasing your energy bills. Repairing these issues can keep your property warm in the colder months while also keeping your property as energy efficient as possible. 

Exterior lighting 

As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, ensure any exterior lighting is working properly. This not only be more convenient for you on a day to day basis, but it may also eliminate certain health and safety concerns. 

Install insulation 

Insulation works wonders in helping to retain the heat in your development. This can help with lowering your emissions and keeping energy bills as low as possible. Insulation helps to keep your property warm in winter and cool in summer, and can also help to avoid issues with damp. 


Autumn is the time to get your gardens and outdoor communal areas in check. A lot of plants will benefit from being stripped back in autumn. This can involve trimming hedges, pruning trees, raking leaves and stripping back flower beds.  

Treat external wooden structures 

If you have wooden structures outside, it is important to ensure they are treated in time for cold, wet weather. Protecting wooden structures with oil or varnish can prevent damage and mould, while extending the life of the structure. Consider arranging treatment of anything wooden outdoors, including decking, benches, fences, bin storage, windows, doors and gates. 

There are many ways that BNS can help prepare your block for winter and autumn, and we are able to maintain your development throughout. If you would like more information on how BNS can create a bespoke and independent property management package for you, please contact us.