Unleashing the Neuro-Disco-Corn on Clifton Suspension Bridge: A Glimmering Unicornfest Experience

Unicornfest officially launches tomorrow (Saturday 1st July 2023) and there’s something truly magical happening on the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The Unicornfest sculpture, sponsored by BNS and brought to life by the talented Kazz Hollick, has taken its place, shining in the sun. Have you spotted the magnificent Neuro-Disco-Corn yet?

This extraordinary unicorn sculpture is unlike any other, adorned with dazzling sparkly disco ball tiles that catch every ray of light. But what truly sets it apart is the heartfelt messages it carries, contributed by neurodiverse individuals who have shared their personal experiences. These messages add a profound depth to the already mesmerising artwork, giving it a voice that resonates with authenticity and vulnerability.

Kazz Hollick, the artist behind the Neuro-Disco-Corn, invites visitors to explore the concept of “glimmers” through stickers placed all over the sculpture. Glimmers are the opposite of triggers, acting as reminders that we are safe in the present moment. They represent the tiny moments of joy that bring us back to a state of calm amidst chaos. These glimmers provide solace and an opportunity to reconnect with what truly brings people peace.

Unicornfest officially commences on Saturday 1st July, and you’ll want to dive straight in to this sculpture trail taking place throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Download the free Unicornfest app to embark on your journey, equipped with a digital map highlighting the locations of all the unicorns. Additionally, the app offers a chance to unlock special offers from the event sponsors. And guess what? When you scan the Neuro-Disco-Corn QR code, you might just discover an offer from BNS!

Apple users can download the app on the App Store, and Android users can download the app from on Google Play.

Eager unicorn hunters can also find a map on the Unicornfest website, plus paper maps will be available from the Unicornfest shop and other locations across the city. Paper maps are priced at £1 each and all proceeds to Leukaemia Care.

While you’re capturing Neuro-Disco-Corn and taking in the impressive sights of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, make sure to visit the Suspension Bridge Visitor Centre. There, you’ll find an array of Kazz’s creations, available as badges, postcards, and mini cards. Kazz has ensured that these items are accessible to as many art lovers as possible, with prices ranging from just 50p to £1. Some of Kazz’s original artworks are also on sale ranging from £60-£80.

As an added bonus, 20% of the proceeds from these purchases will directly support the incredible work of Leukaemia Care – the charity for which Unicornfest is raising money and awareness.

Kazz Hollick’s artistic journey continues to evolve, and if you’re curious about her latest offerings, be sure to follow her on Instagram for exciting updates.

So, don’t delay! Join the Unicornfest adventure and let the Neuro-Disco-Corn guide you through a world of glimmering beauty, important messages, and worthwhile causes. Happy unicorn tracking!

Remember, as you indulge in the Unicornfest experience, you’re also supporting a worthy cause. Together, let’s make a difference by contributing to the vital work of Leukaemia Care.

For information on visiting Neuro-Dicso-Corn and Suspension Bridge, visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust website where they share lots of useful information, including travel and accessibility info.

Neuro-Disco-Corn Unicornfest Clifton Suspension Bridge
Neuro-Disco-Corn Unicornfest Map
Neuro-Disco-Corn Unicornfest Messages (1)
Neuro-Disco-Corn Unicornfest Messages (2)
Neuro-Disco-Corn Unicornfest Messages (3)
Neuro-Disco-Corn Kazz Hollick Artwork for Unicornfest