Keeping Cool in a Heatwave: How Property Maintenance Can Help

BNS offers advice and support on keeping cool in a heatwave, and how the right property maintenance can help lower the temperature for your entire building

Temperatures recently broke records in the UK, reaching as blisteringly high as 40.3°C on 19th July 2022. It is likely that this weather may become a more regular occurrence in the future, which raises questions about how to keep cool, and how to ensure our properties are adequately maintained to beat the heat in hot weather. 

Over the next few days we can expect another heatwave. Although hopefully not quite as high as 40°, it is predicted that next week temperatures will rise into the late 20s, with hosepipe bans coming into effect in parts of England. 

This again throws up questions about what we can do to stay cool in hot weather, and how we can adapt our buildings to help us remain cool.

There are things you can personally do to stay cool in warm weather. There are also many ways that BNS can help prepare your block for hot weather and maintain your development throughout. So we’ve put together some information to help you stay cool in warm weather. 

How can you keep your home cool in a heatwave? 

  • Ensure that your central heating is turned off. It may seem obvious, but it’s worth double checking! 
  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day. This will help prevent heat from entering your home. 
  • Consider external shade. Plants, awnings, shutters and structures can all help to block out direct sunlight. 
  • Check your windows. Ensure they are operating correctly and that you are able to open and close them safely. 
  • Check your vents. Are there vents in your home which can be opened to create more air flow? Ensure they’re not blocked and can be opened and closed. 
  • Insulation. In the winter insulation helps keep your property warm, but during the summer it can also help prevent heat from entering your home in the first place. 
  • Check the temperature inside and out. Should you keep your windows open or closed? If it’s hotter outside than in, you might be better off leaving the windows closed to prevent more heat getting in. 
  • Fans. If you have an electric fan, this can be extremely useful. Safely placing a bottle of frozen water or a bowl of ice water in front of the fan can help cool the air even further. Be sure to check that this is securely placed – especially if your fan is oscillating. 

How do you prepare for a heatwave? Maintaining your property for hot weather.

Heat causes materials to change in size and removes the moisture. This can lead to drying out, cracking and peeling which can all be detrimental to your development. 

It’s important to ensure that blocks are prepared for hot weather and are appropriately maintained throughout. The expert inspection, repair and maintenance that BNS offers to your property ensures that damage done is spotted early on so that things don’t get worse, saving time and money. 

How BNS can help 

Appointing a property management company such as BNS alleviates the pressure of property maintenance all year round. Preparing for hot weather and maintaining your development throughout a heatwave is something we can help with. 

Our maintenance team is on hand to ensure your property is cared for, and to provide services which help lower the temperature for your entire building. 

BNS can… 

  • Maintain wooden structures that heat can damage. This includes doors, decking, fences etc. 
  • Add insulation. This not only keeps your buildings warm in winter but also helps prevent heat getting in during the hotter months. 
  • Build and maintain bin storage. This helps to ensure bins are properly stored, keeping bugs out and smells to a minimum. 
  • Paint your exteriors. Using a lighter colour paint can help reflect the heat, reducing the heat that is absorbed by your property. 
  • Install external awnings. Shading your building, and particularly your windows and doors, can make a huge difference to the internal temperature. 

For more information on how BNS can assist you during hot weather and all year round, please feel free to get in touch.