Commercial to Residential Occupied

BNS worked alongside a developer to convert commercial office premises into quality residential apartments.

The working relationship commenced early in the build phase. This allowed us to consult and advise on areas that would affect the building and the management once individual ownership had taken place.

BNS set realistic service charge budgets and provided information on future management. We passed this to potential purchasers at the enquiry stage. This allowed a smooth transition from developer to management company with the expectations of all owners managed well.

By being engaged with the developer at an early stage we could set up all aspects of the management on our bespoke portal, MyBNS, prior to individual completions. This allowed BNS staff to fully understand the commercial to residential development and structure in advance, ensuring the service was positive from day one.

Allowing the appointed managing agent involvement at an early stage is extremely positive. It has a great impact on the clients of the developer and managing agent.  We would highly recommend that all developers take this proactive approach. Installing a chosen agent at the very earliest opportunity is highly beneficial. Even as early as the consideration and planning stages.