Cladding Upgrade

Case Study

Cladding Upgrade

At BNS, we take pride in delivering comprehensive property services, including block and estate management, maintenance services, and facilities management services. One of our recent projects involved an extensive cladding upgrade at a prominent building in Bristol consisting of 255 flats across eight floors.

The condition of the block prior to remediation was concerning, particularly regarding fire safety, as the existing cladding was neither rated nor safe.

Primary Objectives: Our primary objectives for this cladding upgrade project were clear:

  • To remediate the fire safety risk associated with the existing cladding, which was highly flammable and not up to current safety standards.

Project Initiation and Funding: The decision to pursue this cladding upgrade project was driven by new regulations governing buildings over 18 meters in height. Under these laws, it became mandatory to assess and address safety concerns. BNS secured over £6 million in government funding from Homes England for the project through a meticulous process, involving:

  • Conducting a thorough survey to assess risks.
  • Receiving a certificate with fire safety ratings.
  • Appointing an engineer to specify the required work.
  • Submitting a comprehensive application to Homes England, detailing the project’s specifications and associated costs.
  • Receiving approval for funding.
  • Instructing the works and overseeing their completion.

Project Planning and Coordination: Throughout the project, we encountered various milestones and phases, including:

  • Securing initial funding.
  • Obtaining further funding for additional works beyond the original specification.
  • Coordinating other major works related to the project, ensuring seamless integration.

Fire Safety and Aesthetics: BNS’s upgrade to the cladding serves dual purposes – enhancing fire safety and aesthetics. The key benefits include:

  • The new render provides the building with a top fire-rated cladding system in accordance with government requirements following the Grenfell Tower Enquiry.
  • The upgraded cladding not only improves fire safety but also enhances the building’s overall appearance. The render is self-cleaning, and the balcony decks are now fitted with fireproof aluminium planks.

Positive Impact on Residents and Community: This cladding upgrade positively impacts both residents and the surrounding community:

  • Improving safety for all residents, ensuring the building adheres to the most up-to-date safety standards.
  • Empowering leaseholders by removing fire safety concerns, enabling them to buy and sell properties with confidence, in full compliance with the latest government regulations.

At BNS, our commitment to safety, quality, and aesthetics drives us to deliver projects like these with excellence. If you’re seeking a trusted partner for cladding upgrades, health and safety work, or maintenance projects large or small, contact BNS today.
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