BNS Proudly Sponsors Kazz Hollick’s Neuro-Disco-Corn for Bristol’s Unicornfest

We are thrilled to announce that BNS is sponsoring Kazz Hollick’s Neuro-Disco-Corn for Unicornfest, Bristol 2023, in aid of Leukaemia Care! This incredible sculpture will be covered in disco ball mirror tiles and will convey an essential message on neurodiversity.


BNS has been paired with artist Kazz Holick who will be working extremely hard to dazzle Bristol with her mirror ball covered creation.

The unicorn will also come with an extremely important message that “your brain might work differently and that’s okay”. At BNS, we are proud to support this cause and believe in celebrating and acknowledging the differences that so many people live with.

Not only will this unicorn be visually stunning with an important message on neurodiversity, but it will also support a great charity: Leukaemia Care.


Unicornfest is an exciting public art sculpture trail that will be hosted in Bristol from July to September 2023. This summer long event will feature a herd of individually decorated unicorn sculptures displayed in public spaces across Bristol. The aim of the trail is to engage Bristolians and visitors of all ages while raising money and awareness for Leukaemia Care. Unicornfest will bring smiles to the faces of all who behold the magical herd.

The trail will bring Bristol together bringing art, colour, and fun to the streets of the city and surrounding areas. The majestic, two-metre tall unicorn sculptures will be sponsored by local businesses, community groups, and organisations, and decorated by talented regional artists in a wide variety of styles, each telling a unique story that will be shared for many years to come.

The trail will end with a fabulous farewell to the unicorns festival before the ‘blessing’ of unicorns is auctioned to raise funds for the national charity, Leukaemia Care.

Neuro-Disco-Corn is part of this sculpture trail planned for Bristol this summer, and you can find more information about it on the Unicornfest website.

Leukaemia Care

Leukaemia Care is a UK-based charity that provides support and information to people affected by leukaemia. The charity’s mission is to ensure that anyone affected by leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, or any other blood cancer, has access to the right information, advice, and support that they need.

Leukaemia Care offers a range of services, including a free helpline, online support groups and counselling. They also fund research projects to improve understanding and treatment of blood cancers, and campaign for better treatment and care for patients.

The charity aims to empower people affected by leukaemia to take control of their lives and live as fully as possible.

The proceeds raised by Unicornfest will be donated to this worthy cause.

Kazz Hollick

Kazz Hollick is a multi-talented artist who creates unique and captivating works of art in a variety of mediums. Kazz’s website showcases her impressive portfolio, which includes paintings, sculptures, mixed media works, and installations.

In addition to her paintings, Kazz creates stunning sculptures that are both abstract and representational. Her mixed media works and installations often incorporate found objects, adding an element of texture and dimension to her art.

Kazz’s art and projects have been exhibited in galleries across the UK. She is an incredibly talented artist whose passion for art shines through in her stunning works – this will all be evident in Neuro-Disco-Corn.

You can learn more about Kazz Hollick’s artwork by visiting her website.

BNS is thrilled to be part of Unicornfest and to support Leukaemia Care in their mission. Thank you for joining us in supporting this fantastic charity!