BNS is a Proud Member of The Property Institute Following ARMA and IRPM Merger

BNS is a proud member of The Property Institute (TPI), a distinguished professional body forged from the merger of The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) and The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) in March 2022.  

Creation of The Property Institute (TPI)

The Property Institute was formed combining over fifty years of industry expertise from ARMA and the IRPM to create a unified force dedicated to raising standards and improving the lives of millions of residents and tenants across England and Wales. 

The roots of The Property Institute trace back to the founding of ARMA in 1991 and IRPM in 2002.  

ARMA, the leading professional body for residential managing agents in England and Wales, was created to bring together companies involved in private residential block management.   

IRPM, the professional body for residential property management specialists, set industry standards by providing accredited qualifications, career guidance, and resources to assist property managers in their roles. 

This merger of these two organisations and the creation of The Property Institute marks a significant milestone in the industry of residential property management. 

Today, The Property Institute empowers its members to elevate standards in residential building management.   

Along with The Property Institute, we at BNS are committed to ensuring that people’s homes are managed competently, safely, and ethically. 

The Property Institute Code of Conduct

As members of The Property Institute, BNS is bound to the following Code of Conduct: 

Members shall: 

  1. Comply with all legal requirements and relevant codes of practice and this clause overrides all others, so that where there is conflict, this clause shall prevail. 
  2. Conduct yourself and your business in a professional, ethical, honest and fair way. Be open and transparent in the way you work. 
  3. Maintain high standards of personal behaviour both in your professional life and private life and to do nothing to bring yourself, your business or firm, the Institute, the Institute’s membership or the profession into disrepute. 
  4. Maintain the integrity of yourself, the Institute, the Institute’s members and the profession in public and in the media. 
  5. Provide appropriate and necessary information with your dealings with all parties and conduct yourself and your business in a way they can understand the information they receive and the implications of that information to them. 
  6. Ensure that clients and customers are provided with clear, complete and fair terms of business; such terms should be in writing. 
  7. Ensure that all parties are clear for whom you are acting and the scope of your responsibiIities. 
  8. Avoid conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest but if they do arise, deal with them promptly, openly and fairly. 
  9. Ensure that all communications are fair, clear and timely. 
  10. Ensure that all financial dealings are fair, transparent and understood by all parties. 
  11. Carry out work with due skill and diligence and ensure that you are appropriately trained and knowledgeable for the work you do. Do not do work beyond your competence. 
  12. Ensure your advice is given ethically, impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias. 
  13. Do not discriminate unfairly in any way. 
  14. Act consistently in the public interest when it comes to making decisions or providing advice. 
  15. Do not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or services, which might suggest a conflict of interest or other improper obligation. 
  16. If you receive a complaint about something that you have done, then respond in an appropriate and professional manner and endeavour to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant where possible. 
  17. You should challenge or report poor behaviour, for example but not limited to fraud, theft, conflict of interest or discrimination and raise the matter as appropriate with your colleagues, within your firm or the organisation that you work for or with the appropriate regulator, body or organisation

At BNS we are proud to stand alongside The Property Institute in their mission to drive positive change in the residential property management sector.

As a member, BNS is committed to upholding the highest standards of service and professionalism, providing our clients with the assurance that their properties are in capable hands.
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