Residential Management Companies

Residential Management Companies

Our main client base is that of a traditional Residential Management Company, set up to administer the management of a development or block(s) of apartments.  We pride ourselves on offering bespoke services, tailored for each development under our management and it is through positive client referrals that we obtain the majority of our new business.

Directors and owners within Residential Management are highly accountable and responsible for their actions, decision making and ensuring their development and Company meet their statutory and legal obligations.

The world is changing and we are acutely aware of how busy life is. Having a reliable agent proactively looking after one of yours and fellow owners major assets, whilst taking the responsibility and burden away from day-to-day life, offers comfort, a level of insurance and peace of mind so that you can focus on other more satisfying aspects of your daily routine.

BNS takes pride in being one of the few local independent Managing Agents in the Bristol area.  We strive to deliver a cost efficient, reliable and personal service by utilising local contractors and suppliers whilst providing expert industry advices on how to manage your development effectively. BNS also provide you, the client, with the flexibility of utilising your own trusted contractors which many non-independent agents are unable to offer.

Our team of experienced and qualified staff covering Property Management, Service Charge Accounting, Health & Safety, Compliance, Legal and Property Maintenance, are on hand to proactively service the individual and common issues that surround your property, Lease & Obligations on a regular basis.

With a strong emphasis on being client focused, we encourage a close working relationship between our designated & qualified Property Managers and clients; with direct communication to the mobiles of our staff members and direct emails ensuring availability at all times.

Services that fall within what we offer, but not exclusively include, budgeting & collection of Service Charge, organising of annual/cyclical maintenance including cleaning, gardening & general maintenance, bookkeeping and Service Charge Accounts preparation, production of notices and running of General Meetings, completion of Minutes and industry & Lease compliance.

With our clients having a large range of services that are available, coupled with our professional & qualified staff on hand, we offer an online solution to all clients and those connected with BNS.  This is part of our all inclusive fees and ensures property management is taken to the next level from a trusted and well respected independent managing agent