Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

BNS believes in our clients having the facility to be in control of their development and ensures that the general day to day maintenance of our portfolio is kept, as far as possible, “in house”. This not only reduces costs but ensures that standards are kept to the highest possible level. Where we cannot use our in-house expertise, we have built incomparable relationships with contractors over the years who include cleaners, gardeners, electricians, plumbers and builders. Through regularly working with BNS, these contractors have developed their approach to match our exacting standards. We ensure that any major work is administered with attention to detail. This includes sourcing multiple quotes in order to obtain the most cost effective and appropriate price for the job in hand.

Site visits

Site visits are carried out at regular intervals to inspect each property. This way we can predict any future work and can, indeed, create a long-term maintenance plan to ensure any major future expenditure is expected and does not come as a shock to residents.

We regularly suggest that a healthy Service Charge balance is maintained in the development’s bank account in case of any unforeseen or emergency work which may be required to be undertaken. This limits the necessity for residents to have to face the pressures of “one-off-levies” at short notice.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a “24 hour service” to all residents. This enables us to act immediately to any issue, however serious. Good Property Management includes good maintenance and maintenance management. At BNS we are proud to be linked with key service contractors that ensure control, trust & confidence, value for money, quality and good reaction times. Our management style is proactive. As such undertaking preventative maintenance in a cyclical manner is something that we recommend to our clients, ultimately saving money and looking after their investments.