My BNS Functionality

All Leaseholders receive access to our online portal MyBNS. The system has been exclusively developed enabling us to deliver a management service that far exceeds other systems. Delivering 24/7 access to the Leaseholder online allows the property to be managed in ‘real-time’. MyBNS includes a bespoke financial package which allows the Directors and authorised individuals access to financial information anywhere I the world at any time.

Leaseholders can

See and update their own details

View statements

See an overview of the property

Report general maintenance issues

View real-time progress of maintenance

Review minutes of meetings

See photos of the property

View completed issues

Make service charge payments

View BNS inspections

View the fully integrated diary system

Correspond with our team at anytime from anywhere


In addition to what leaseholders can see directors can also:

View electronic statements of account of other members of the company

View insurance documentation and claims progress

View H&S documentation related to the property

View and approve Service Charge estimates

Review jobs

View quotations

My BNS For Contractors

Contractors find MyBNS an invaluable tool as they have access to all information on specific jobs as well as any health and safety issues. In addition, specific requirements for the job are all available in one place.


MyBNS is ever-evolving and is at the forefront of technology and ensures issues, no matter how large or small, remain active and kept on top of at all times. BNS are investing in and delivering the future of property management.