BNS Coronavirus Client Statement

Updated Coronavirus Guidance –BNS Limited Client Statement

December 2021 – Update

With reference to the UK Governments advice and strategy:

BNS are dedicated to taking appropriate actions to ensure that we protect our staff, contractors and clients whilst ensuring both business continuity and service levels to clients & residents are upheld.

Following the most recent guideline changes, along with daily advice and requests to all citizens, we shall be following their advice and guidance where possible.

At the same time, we shall be taking a pragmatic, respectful, conscientious, and common-sense approach to both our clients and staff alike.

All our office-based staff shall be working from home where they can whilst maintaining high service levels and communication channels under normal circumstances.

Our offices are ‘Covid-Secure’ with a suitable risk assessment for our premises detailing additional washing facilities, and control measures to reduce the risk of Covid.

Virtual Directors and resident meetings are actively encouraged to ensure communications are upheld but we continue to meet face to face both on site and at client meetings (with respectful social distancing measures, PPE wearing and other control factors in place if agreeable).

We wish to be respectful with all clients sentiments towards the current measures and suitable questions will be asked with regards to whether any attendees are showing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms.

The BNS maintenance team, compliance/cleaning teams and Health & Safety teams are continuing their services. They continue to pay heightened attention to ‘touch points’ such as intercoms, handles, lift call buttons, light switches etc as well as any Health & Safety tasks including fire alarm and emergency lighting testing.

Any appointments that require close contact and entry into a demised property will be done so in a respectful manner with suitable wearing of PPE.

We wish to thank all our clients for their understanding through these unprecedented and testing times. We are monitoring the ever-changing situation on a regular basis and adjustments in our strategy will be communicated further as and when appropriate.

Notifying BNS of confirmed COVID-19 cases within your development

We ask all clients, homeowners, suppliers and contractors to follow Government guidelines.

We would request should you feel appropriate to do so that you inform BNS if you have tested positive for the virus or have been in contact with anyone who has.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, where appropriate BNS may arrange for the internal communal areas to be suitably cleaned.

If BNS are made aware that a member of staff, or contractor within a development you live or have recently worked in have tested positive for the virus we will let you know.

What actions to take whilst self-isolating

Please take the time to read the content in the below link regarding the governments stay at home guidance.

As well as looking after your physical health, it is also important to look after your mental health whilst in self-isolation.  The below link provides some guidance from the NHS on this.

For up to date information on BNS’ service during the Coronavirus outbreak please visit